lessons learned from a simple side bun

Today I did something completely new and different with my hair and instantly fell in love! Usually when I do my hair, I either blow dry it straight, curl/wand it, or put it up in a bun. My original plan this morning was to just curl it and let it be. So that’s what I did. Except, I wasn’t satisfied with how the curls ended up… so I started playing around with it and ended up with a classy side bun! And let me just say, this is the easiest, most elegant look EVER. See for yourself:

Simply gorgeous right?! And the best part is, I learned something incredibly valuable from this hairstyle: to be more creative and to stray from the usual. So the next time I am not satisfied with something, whether it be my hair, outfit, or something bigger, like my school schedule, I need to remind myself to be a little more creative and bold, to keep tweaking, changing, and adjusting things until I find something I like.

If you too find yourself settling for “unsatisfication” or just “okay,” I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone a little more and try something new! A simple refreshment from the usual can go as far as challenging your personal creativity and making your day brighter.

Will you comment below and tell me about how you will try something new?


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3 thoughts on “lessons learned from a simple side bun

  1. You are an inspiration to me Coley! I love you, and your precious heart. I am going to step out and try something different, maybe a new hair style, maybe a new job…, but I will think of you!

    • Maureen,
      Thank you for subscribing to my blog and commenting to this post! You have always remained an inspiration to me! Keep me updated about how you decide to try something different :) Love you!

  2. Last year Cornerstone Fellowship women’s ministry had a retreat at Mount Herman. I had a chance to do the zip line there and I thought I could overcome my fear of heights. When it came to be my turn to go, the fear took over me to the point I felt paralyze and I knew I couldn’t step out of my comfort zone. I’m hoping someday that I can overcome the fear of heights through Christ and God knows the perfect time when I’m able to let go and trust Him with that area in my walk with God.
    Nicole thank you for being a light and a encourager in my life!! Love you!!

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