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the power of (genuine) connection


One of the biggest motivators behind the creation of this blog came from the impact that another blogger had left on my life. During the fall semester I came down with a super serious sinus infection (say that 10 times fast!) and forced myself to stay in bed one Sunday in order to get better. I literally didn’t leave sight of my bed the entire day, so naturally, my spirits were pretty low from the lack of social interaction. It started getting pretty late in the evening and I remember laying in bed, browsing through Facebook, and stumbling across a blog post, written by blogger Elizabeth Fuller, that left me feeling incredibly inspired. After reading more of Elizabeth’s posts that night, I was quickly drawn into her story. When I read about the things she had overcome and the personal struggles she had endured throughout her life, I found myself relating on so many levels. While I had not experienced the same circumstances she had, I found that my own personal struggles and triumphs seemed to echo her emotions, fears, dreams, and insecurities. When I recently experienced one of the toughest seasons of my life, finding Elizabeth’s blog felt like a miracle. I began to identify with her on a really personal level and she helped me get through those struggles. Reading her blog gave me the confidence I needed to process my emotions during that season and I realized how much I had learned, and I wanted to share it others. Sooo then I started to think about creating my own blog… and, well, here we are. :)

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 8.06.51 PM

I wanted to share that piece of of how I started blogging because I believe that if it weren’t for Elizabeth, Coley’s Locket would not exist today. On that lonely Sunday, when I was literally forced to do nothing but veg, I stumbled across something that changed my world and eventually helped me to become the person that I am today. And that’s what genuine connection does to people. With this blog, I am slowly learning the importance of authentically sharing my life with others. When I let people in and share about how God is working through the good, bad, and ugly in my life, I am able to connect with people in a real, honest way. After my recent breakup, I realized how much I missed my friends. So I prayed and asked God to provide for me friends who would not only make me laugh, but who would also encourage and uplift me as a sister in Christ. And guess what? It’s literally been less than a month and God has not only blessed me with new and old friendships, but He has also given me more than I had asked for. More than I could have ever imagined.

eph 3:20

I deeply hope you will be able to experience the power of genuine, vulnerable connection with others. And I hope Coley’s Locket will become a place of real connection for you; that the realizations which I blog about will inspire and uplift you, too.

You can check out Elizabeth Fuller’s blog here. Aaaand because I love Soul Pancake, click here to check out a real life experiment that proves how amazing the power of genuine connection can be.


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8 thoughts on “the power of (genuine) connection

  1. This post was touching and beautiful. Your friendship is a light in my life and you are constant source of inspiration.

    • Thank you Abigail– I’ve been blessed by our new friendship. I pray that the Lord allows you to experience the beauty and power of genuine connection with those you love.

  2. Coley, everything about your blog is amazing to me. I adore your set up and design, your photos are so well thought through, and you’re owning the “niche – i guess you could say? – I am working towards of Style, Encouragement, and Life. Writing about the big real things but still loving the quirky little things. I found you on the blog The Take Comfort Project’s Leibster list, and I am so glad. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to be blog friends, or at least followers :)

    Thanks for such a beautiful blog <3
    your newest follower, Phoebe

    • Thank you so much Phoebe! Your comment is so encouraging. I’m glad you like my blog as much as I do! ;) Haha, I will definitely check out what you’re up to on your blog! Happy blogging! :)

  3. Coley, what an inspirational blog. I am glad I stumbled upon it. Great to see other’s spreading Christ’s love on the Internet.

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