DIY: repair broken powder


Has this ever happened to you?! It can be so frustrating buuut fret no more because I have an easy, DIY solution for you to bring your powder compact back to life!!

Here’s what you need to fix your broken compact: 70% alcohol, spatula, liquid dropper, & plastic wrap.


Step one: tightly wrap broken compact with plastic wrap. Take the handle part of the spatula and crush all pieces of compact into loose powder.

…keep crushing till it looks like this:


Step two: carefully remove plastic wrap and add about 10 drops of alcohol to the compact, using your liquid dropper. After you have added enough drops of the alcohol to your powder, mix it together.

Step three: your powder should now look & feel spongey. With your spatula, smooth over your pliable makeup until it looks like brand new…


Step 4: If you’re a perfectionist like me, take a wet Q-tip and clean up the edges:


Now let it dry for a couple hours and you’ll be good to go!

This was the first time I had ever actually done a DIY project with my makeup and let me just say, this was SO easy!! It literally took me less than ten minutes to fix and just a couple hours for it to dry. And I’ve been using it everyday since I’ve fixed it and it works like I just bought it brand new! Go ahead and see for yourself. And if you decide to try this, comment below to tell me how it worked for you!

P.S. this trick can be used to fix pretty much any makeup powder you have… I used it on my NYX blush/bronzer powder (which I reviewed about in my top 3 of 2013 here) but I know it works just as well for powder foundation too.



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