Did you know that 27 million slaves exist worldwide?

Today I’m joining people from all over the world in the movement to raise awareness about modern day slavery. Check out these facts…


I know these numbers and statistics can look daunting, but I’ve learned not to allow my sadness to paralyze me, but rather, call me to action. Today, Join me in the movement to raise awareness about slavery. Draw a red X on your hand. Snap a pic. Tag #enditmovement on instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. And check out this website to become educated about this issue: But most importantly, let’s use our voices, power, and influence to end modern day slavery.


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3 thoughts on “#enditmovement

  1. للاسف اصبحات الحكومات في العالم مثل عصبات المفيا اوقطاع الطرق وتلك الحكمات متورطة اما بصمت عن هذة الممارسات او بل اشتراك فيها اما الشعوب فموغيبة نتيجة التعتيم الاعلامي

  2. There is a movie on Netflix called “I Am Slave” is really interesting, because it shows how slavery still happens in some developed countries! check it out ;)

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