RWM: March

I’m addicted to the repeat button. If pressing the repeat button were an Olympic event, I’d definitely qualify. It’s real talent guys. Do you ever use the repeat button? Well, if you don’t, welcome to my series of posts, called“Repeat Worthy Music (RWM),” where I’ll be introducing you to artists/songs/albums that deserve the honor of the repeat button. Each month, I will be posting a new virtual music mix tape for you to obsess over. Ready?

In honor of her new album, This Is Where We Are, which was released earlier this month, I have decided to share a compilation of some of my personal favorites of singer/songwriter, Priscilla Ahn. For those of you who are not yet familiar with Ahn’s harmonious voice, there is really not much I can say to prepare you for the angelic sound you’re about to encounter. I love her ability to combine modern synthetics with her whispering, mellifluous vocals. Every time I listen to her, I am swept away into a dream state and always catch myself singing along. The little mix tape I made is a mixture of both her old and new songs. While I enjoy her new, more current, style, her old stuff will always hold a special place in my heart. So without further ado, in a world where melancholy meets bliss in perfect harmony, I introduce you to Priscilla Ahn


And for an added bonus, check out her music video for ‘Home.’ I completely adore it.



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