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RWM: April

I’m addicted to the repeat button. If pressing the repeat button were an Olympic event, I’d definitely qualify. Do you ever use the repeat button? Well, if you don’t, welcome to my series of posts, called “Repeat Worthy Music (RWM),” where I’ll be introducing you to artists/songs/albums that deserve the honor of the repeat button. Each month, I will be posting a new virtual music mix tape for you to obsess over. Ready?

Words truly cannot express how excited I am to announce this month’s RWM artist. Ever since I started my RWM series, I knew I wanted to write a post about this extremely talented artist. So, after patiently waiting to see him live, the moment has finally come to introduce the one and only SAM SMITH to my music series!

 Yes, I was front row and take full responsibility for all my fan girl-ing throughout his performance ;)

And click here to see my clip of his live performance!

I first discovered Sam Smith in March of 2013 when he released his first single, Lay Me Down, on his Soundcloud page. Thirty seconds in and I was already pressing the repeat button. Sam Smith is the kind of artist where you can just never get enough, hence his repeat-worthiness. He is completely original, particularly in his ability to combine modern lyrics and instrumentals with a emotional, soulful voice. And his voice. Oh his voice is so heavenly. His range and vocal ability is so unlike most male singers that it’s nearly impossible not to melt while listening to him. Simply put, if I could sing, I would want to have a voice like Sam Smith’s. I can say with confidence, after seeing his perform live (while standing just inches away from him, I might add), he truly has rare talent. He has no need for anything fancy; he has everything he needs in his pure, stripped-down voice to show the world his raw talent. As much as I would love to continue explaining how perfect he is, I would rather have you listen for yourself :) So, without further ado, I am so honored and excited to introduce you to Sam Smith!

Please comment below and tell me which song was your favorite!

P.S. You can pre-order his new album, “In The Lonely Hour,” on iTunes or wait for it’s release date on June 17.

P.S.S. ;)


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