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RWM: Summer [dynamic duos]


Ahh it’s officially summer!! Whenever I think about summer, only the best things come to mind… Warm nights. Ice Cream. Fireworks. BB-Q’s. Friends. Swimming. Baseball games. Reading poolside. Beach trips. Bonfires. S’mores (or Banana Boats). New beginnings. And of course, good music! For this month’s Repeat Worthy Music playlist, I decided to load you up on two of my favorite artists that are perfect for summer listening. Other than the fact that these two artists are both two-member bands, both of them are completely unique from each other, so whether you’re relaxing by the pool or heading out for an early morning run, I made sure that you’ll have a good mix of genres to choose from. So, sit back and press play…

1) The Jane Doze

If you have ever spent more than 30 minutes with me, you probably already know about my obsession with The Jane Doze. These girls are the whole package: gorgeous, glamorous, ingenious, and incredibly fun. They know how to throw a party, and if you’ve ever seen them live, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Hands down, my favorite part about this dynamic duo is that they are female DJ’s. How often do you hear about female DJ’s? Annnd how often do you hear about GOOD female DJ’s? Well you all are in for a real treat because these girls are going to make your summer 10x better.

 2) Little Hurricane

This next group is extremely special to me. Not only is this dynamic duo super talented, but they are also nothing like you’ve ever heard before. I like to describe Little Hurricane as a combination of southern blues with a modern twist, also referred to as “Dirty Blues.” Other than the fact that this is hands-down one of my favorite, go-to repeat bands, I am also very proud to announce that this is my cousin’s band!!… can you guess which one I’m related to? ;) And a quick word of advice: these guys are quickly climbing to the top of the totem pole, so if you ever get the chance to see them live, I suggest you don’t miss out.


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One thought on “RWM: Summer [dynamic duos]

  1. These are AMAZING recommendations Coley! Love their music, and I’ve heard they are both sooo good in concert!! ;D
    You’re absolutely right, they are sooo RW (repeat worthy)!

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