DIY: mailbox makeover

Earlier this summer I was rummaging through my closet shelves and stumbled upon an adorable wooden mailbox that my mom had bought when I was little. The moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to turn it into a DIY project. So I dusted it off and decided to say goodbye to that tacky Christmas-holly theme, and hello to a fresh coat of chalkboard! (If you haven’t already noticed, chalkboard paint is all the rage on Pinterest right now so I really couldn’t resist)! And seriously, who buys a mailbox that you can only use for one season of the year?! (Well, my mom apparently… love you Mom!) Chalkboard is so much more versatile! :) And even better, this DIY project was so simple that my 3 year old nephew was able to practically do the entire project without me!

I started by choosing a shady spot in my backyard and laying down newspaper to protect the surface from getting covered in black paint.

While I pried open the chalkboard paint tub with a flathead screwdriver, I then had my nephew wipe down the dusty mailbox with a rag.

I then mixed the paint with a flat wooden stick (aka the end of my parent’s wooden backscratcher).

Photo Aug 25, 12 54 26 PM

Next, we began to paint, using the little brushes I found at Michael’s!

Once the first coat was finished, we set it out to dry and applied one more coat for good measure.

Once it was completely dry, I placed the distressed white flag back on and added some extra detail to the sides of the mailbox.


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