Coley’s Locket

photo by Rachel Howden Photography

Lockets are so enchanting to me. I love that they can be small enough to wear around your neck but also large enough to tuck away little trinkets of sentimental value, such as a photograph cut-out. I also love that lockets symbolize significance and value to the person wearing it.

In highschool, I noticed that best friend wore a locket around her neck every day. Tucked away inside her locket was an adorable picture of her 5 year old self. Her little locket stole my heart and every time she would wear it, I just had to peak inside to look at the picture over and over again. On my 20th birthday, my best friend made me a locket and tucked away a photo of me from when I was in kindergarten! Since we both go to college in different cities, we switched lockets and wear each other’s.

My absolute favorite part about lockets are their design to be opened and shared with others. Similar to a locket, I designed this blog to a place where I can be open and honest with people by sharing thoughts that hold significant weight in my heart and mind.


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5 thoughts on “Coley’s Locket

    • Wow thank you so much Darlynn! I appreciate your kind words about my blog and often look forward to reading whatever your comments are on my posts! I will definitely make the effort to take part in this award :)

  1. Really enjoyed your blog, Coley, especially this page with its explanation of your love for lockets. Congrats on being nominated for the Lovely Blog award!
    Blessings, Sally
    PS: I visited from your post on Goodreads Show your Blog page.

    • Thank you Sally! Thank you for leaving me a comment– always encouraged when others stumble upon my blog :)

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